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MZ12X doesn't require you to buy thousands of dollars in laboratory equipment. By using our solvent in your extraction process, delicate concentrates and flavorings are taken up unaltered and with the highest purity. What you are left with is simple, pure, and full of flavor - ready to be consumed in a fourth of your average purging process.


MZ12X is the only organic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly solvent on the market. We are working hard to lead you and the concentrate industry into a safe, healthy, and more effective means of extraction.

How to use:


MZ12X in an open loop environment, please run concentrations into a glass Pyrex where no silicone or rubber is present. On a closed loop system ensure you have changed your gaskets over to PTFE, and do not close ball valve for more than 5-10 seconds.


DME Organics is seeking MZ12X vendors across Canada.

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