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What is MZ12X

MZ12X – A revolutionary extraction formula – Your organic replacement for butane and propane extraction processes. It was designed with one purpose in mind: to create a solvent that is safer and cleaner than cancerous petroleum based products currently being used.


Why it's Important

 MZ12X is an FDA Approved organic solvent that will up your game in all aspects of extraction. It's dual polar and non-polar properties capture more fats and oils than butane and propane so you don't leave any cash on the table. 


The Benefits

1.  Bigger yields than butane/propane
2.  Has zero impact on human health
3.  Free of chlorofluorocarbons
4.  Preserves %15-%20 more terpenes
5.  Purges to 0 ppm in under 4 hours
6.  Extracts a full spectrum oil
7.  As flammable as cooking sherry
8.  Non-toxic and won’t contaminate

9.  Strips more fats and oils

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